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Congratulations to Paul

Congratulations to Paul

Congratulations Paul and a job well done!

Paul Nuttall MEP has been elected UKIP`s New Party Leader by 63% of those who voted in the leadership contest.

Despite our summer of discontent with infighting and fall outs, we are still polling 13% and now that we now have a leader who has promised to unite the party I am sure that we can build on that and make UKIP a party that patriotic people will vote for. 

Uniting the party is Paul`s first step into the future, getting the right team around him working for the good of the country as well as the party and having known and worked with him for many years ( we both joined UKIP in 2004), I know that is what he will do. 

We may have won the referendum but now we are fighting for the future of our country and therefore future generations. That means campaigning and winning council seats as well as seats in parliament.

We must ensure that our Government follows the will of the British people and that Brexit means Brexit with no interference from the judiciary or the Remainers. The 17.4 patriots who voted to leave the EU knew exactly what they were voting for, therefore we must hold them to account, no backsliding or watering down of the terms that we leave on.

Paul has taken over the beacon from Nigel Farage, who despite being demonised by the establishment over many years, caused the political earthquake he predicted and is a man we must thank for having fought against the odds and brought about the Referendum.

We have a very bright future ahead and must win over those patriotic people who voted to leave the EU and who have been constantly ignored by the Establishment and other political parties. 

Paul is the man who along with his new team will do just that. UKIP will become the true voice of the opposition in our country, and as Paul has stated “ we will put the Great back in Britain”.

Phil Griffiths

North West President, UKIP

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