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Conflict of interest?

Conflict of interest?

Dear Editor,

So, the former chancellor and ardent “remainer” George Osborne has become the new editor of the London Evening Standard and understandably there are concerns over a conflict of interest between his duty as an MP and his newspaper role.

The parliamentary committee on standards are planning a review over MP’s having additional jobs and there are concerns among his constituents who have raised them with his local Association, where he is expected to attend Friday’s AGM. 

Despite losing the argument in last year’s referendum,  he is expected to use his new position in the newspaper to continue his “Project Fear” campaign by causing doubt about our future outside the EU and the single market. He may also use it as a way of getting back at Theresa May, who sacked him after becoming PM last year. 

Whilst I think that MPs should have jobs that keep them in touch with reality, they also have a duties to their constituents, who elected them. In the case of Mr Osborne, he now has six highly paid jobs, including his duties as an MP.

Many will now wonder if he can devote sufficient time to each one to the benefit to all involved and question his future as the MP for Tatton.

Yours sincerely

Philip Griffiths, North West President UKIP


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