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Coalition Defence Policy in Disarray

Coalition Defence Policy in Disarray

Dear Editor,

The Conservative-led Coalition’s defence policy is in complete disarray as was confirmed when Parliament voted to halt the disbandment of the regular army until the plan to recruit reservists is proven.

In particular, the proposed axing of the Second Battalion of The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers beggars belief. It is one of the best recruited infantry battalions in the Army with unbroken links with the Northwest, the Midlands and London.

It has a proud history spanning 336 years and is one of the few units to distinguish itself in operational deployment in the last 30 years.

This Government is happy to give the EU £55million every day and a further £23million each day to them as foreign aid contribution and waste £50billion plus on HS2, which has been imposed on them by the EU.

Yet they are prepared to sacrifice our brave service men and women and the defence of the Realm, which is its first priority. This Government’s actions are indefensible.

Yours faithfully,


Philip Griffiths, North West Chairman

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