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Clegg Desperation Clear

Clegg Desperation Clear

Dear Editor,

Deputy PM Nick Clegg’s claims that the Lib-Dems are the true defenders of British values and his attack on UKIP are sure signs of his desperation as we head towards May’s Euro- elections and his TV debate with UKIP Leader, Nigel Farage.

This is the man, along with his party, who prefers our country to be ruled by the European Union, where more than 75% of our laws now come from. He wants more integration, and wanted us to ditch the pound and join the euro.

His claim that we need to be in the EU in order to influence it is nonsense. The Lib- Dems have been in favour of every federalist advance over the last thirty years!

By contrast, UKIP was formed not only to defend British values, and our way of life, but to regain our sovereignty that previous governments surrendered to Brussels.

We want our country back, governed from Westminster, not Brussels, for the benefit of and the future of Britain. Unlike Messrs Clegg, Miliband, or Cameron who deny us a referendum and prefer us to remain subservient to the federalist EU.

Yours faithfully,


Philip Griffiths, North West President


  1. Here’s the title for the follow on book from the big debate. ‘The Patriot Vs the Traitor’. 🙂

  2. Totally laughable!! Which planet does he live on?

  3. Nev /

    The only reason this person is deputy PM is through getting into bed with the Tories and not through merit. The Lib Dems have for years tried to influence poltics in this country but not many like their policies and cosy feelings about the EU.

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