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Cameron Allows Sovereignty To Be Stripped Away

Cameron Allows Sovereignty To Be Stripped Away

Aug 14

 Dear Editor,

 To anyone that still thinks that our Coalition Government actually have the power to govern the UK (and that goes for the previous Labour and Conservative administrations) they should think again.

Last week, as part of an ongoing propaganda campaign, the EU stated that in the near future the EU flag will appear on the birth certificates of all who are born within the member states, just as it does on our passports.

Eric Pickles, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, has stated that we are powerless to do anything about it as it is written into the Lisbon Treaty that Gordon Brown signed while he was Labour Prime Minister.

And also the European Union has now announced that “made in” country of manufacture tags will be banned in the near future. No doubt to be replaced with “made in the EU”. !

While we continue to have our powers and sovereignty slowly, but surely, stripped away, David Cameron does nothing to stop it, other than spout the usual nonsense about repatriating powers and promising a referendum. But only if he gets re-elected and then not until 2017.

In accordance with the Lisbon Treaty many new powers will come into effect and by 2017 I suspect we will be powerless to do anything which is why Cameron is doing nothing.

Yours faithfully,


Philip Griffiths, North West Chairman

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