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Brussels rules threaten Vaping

Brussels rules threaten Vaping

Dear Editor,

All over the country the burning question at the moment is whether or not we should stay in the EU.

Obviously I have not a shadow of doubt that we should leave and the evidence continues to mount to back up the Leave campaign complemented by the increasingly unbelievable rhetoric from George Osborne et al.

Meanwhile the meddling in our lives by Brussels continues with the Tobacco Products Directive which governs the sale and production of e-cigarettes and which has now been implemented by the UK. 

This legislation restricts product choice and advertising of vaping devices and is likely to force some smaller British e-cigarette manufacturers to close down with the consequent loss of jobs.

I am pleased that Lord Callanan has filed a motion in the House of Lords calling for the laws to be scrapped and a supporting petition is gaining momentum. The motion calls for David Cameron ‘to use his influence in Brussels’ to get an opt-out before the referendum. Unfortunately when it comes to Brussels he’s like the boy on the beach getting sand kicked in his eyes.

Evidence shows that vaping has enabled many people to quit smoking which is far more injurious to health but what does the EU care? If they can find something to control regardless of its merits they will.

The only answer is to vote Leave on June 23.

Yours faithfully

Paul Nuttall, UKIP North West MEP and deputy party leader

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