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Boundary change concerns

Boundary change concerns

Dear Editor.

I fully understand the genuine concerns facing residents in Wirral who now face rather drastic changes to Westminster boundaries and the loss of one MP following the recent boundary review.

Voters naturally get accustomed to existing seats, especially when they reflect geographical or demographic realities and there will always be an argument that tinkering with boundaries accounts for nothing more than so-called ‘gerrymandering’ by whichever party implements any changes.

Whether we change the boundaries or leave them as they are, it will make not one iota of difference in ensuring that voters are fairly represented. We will still end up in a situation where most voters live in safe seats that hardly, if ever, change hands meaning that MPs can take your vote for granted.

Only by introducing an element of proportional representation like they have for the assemblies in Wales and London for example will voters be fairly represented by a variety of MPs from different parties and holding different views.

Yours sincerely

Paul Nuttall MEP

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