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Borderless Britain

Borderless Britain

By Steven Woolfe MEP

Today’s ONS immigration figures stating net migration into the UK of 330,000 is astounding. This is the combined populations of York and Oxford. Add the estimated 1million illegal and undocumented migrants and, what is now clear, is that we have Borderless Britain. 

The UK now hosts 8million people born outside of the UK, a staggering 12.5% of the UK population and rising. This is the figure we are being told. We have no real way of knowing how many people are here, but I believe the numbers are actually higher.stevenbbc

Why, because the ONS figures are based on passenger service questionnaires. The ONS has been wrong on immigration for sometime. 

It estimates long term net migration at 141000. As for illegal migration its anyones guess, but what we can see are thousands of people attempting daily to get into our country from Calais often paying large sums to gangsters and criminals. 

What is certain is that our public services can barely cope. READ MORE

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