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BMA report slammed

BMA report slammed

Dear Editor,

Most people will find it quite amazing at a time of massive problems within the NHS that the BMA has found time to indulge themselves in political correctness by producing guide-lines to their 156,000 doctor members on how to deal with patients.

They advise that pregnant women should not be referred to as expectant mothers but as “expectant people”. The elderly as “older people,” disabled lifts as “accessible lifts” and those who are biologically male or female should be called “assigned male or female”.

All of this “aimed at promoting an inclusive workplace” and referring to maternity and pregnancy it says “ Gender inequality is reflected in traditional ideas about the roles of women and men”.

Political correctness is the invisible enemy, whereby people are intimidated into surrendering their long held and common sense views by people with an agenda to change society into their own rather bland and dull world of socialism which stifles freedoms.

The BMA should stop playing their political games and get on with the job that they are paid to do and also think of real ways to improve the NHS and with it the patients that they treat.

Yours sincerely

Philip Griffiths, North West President, UKIP

Phil Griffiths

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