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Blatter must go, demands Paul Nuttall

Blatter must go, demands Paul Nuttall

The reputation of football can only be rescued with the removal of Sepp Blatter as FIFA president and a rerun of the awarding of the 2018 and 2022 World Cup tournaments, says UKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall.

The North West MEP was speaking as US officials indicated there were more arrests to come from their wide-ranging investigation into fraud, bribery and corruption within the game.

Mr Nuttall, a lifelong Liverpool supporter and season ticket holder, said: “Sepp Blatter’s position as FIFA president was already on shaky ground but now surely no one will argue that it is in any way tenable.

“Pretty much all of the crimes being alleged happened on his watch. If he knew about it, then he should be prosecuted. If he didn’t know about it, then he wasn’t doing his job properly and should be removed.

“Grassroots football in some of the world’s poorest countries and fans everywhere are the apparent victims of these crimes.paulnuttallmepqt

“Only a root and branch clear out at FIFA will satisfy them that we’re cleaning up the game once and for all.”

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