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Begging For An Answer

Begging For An Answer

September 22, 2013


UKIP councillor Louise Bours is asking Congleton town council to urgently tackle the problem of Roma beggars in the town.

And she is also urging them to approach Cheshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner asking for this emerging problem to be tackled immediately in order to prevent its growth.

“Within the space of just a few days last week, I was approached by three residents of Congleton West who are all extremely concerned about the startling and somewhat concerning sight of such beggars in our town.

“I personally saw two of the beggars, one sitting at the top of Bridge Street, the other at the opposing end of town. They were not young and obviously Eastern European, with cardboard signs begging for money,” said Louise.

“One resident was extremely concerned about the emergence of this on the streets of Congleton.  How did they get there?  They were obviously vagrants, with no form of transport, who deposited them in Congleton and who collected them at the end of the day?

“Organised Roma gangs are a common sight in our cities and are becoming increasingly common in market towns.  The City of London Police’s cheque and plastic crime unit states that 92% of ATM crime is committed by Romanian nationals.  The organisation Financial Fraud Action, which represents banks in these matters, estimates that 90% of credit card fraud is committed by Romanian gangs.

“John Dwyer, our PCC, campaigned for election as the person who would put more ‘bobbies’ and ‘specials’ back on the beat here in Cheshire.  Vagrancy is a crime.  If our constabulary is swift to act, and the gangs know that their ‘beggars’ will be removed or arrested, they will be deterred from using Congleton as a pitch.

“The time to act is now for we all know that from January 29 million Bulgarians and Romanians will have the right to move here. Obviously not everyone from those countries is a criminal but there will undoubtedly be even more Roma gangs targeting our streets,” she said.

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  1. there here already…! Cameron letting them in early to manage down the percentage % increase in Jan – Mar 2014.

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