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Barroso shows EU ‘bullying’ attitude

Barroso shows EU ‘bullying’ attitude

UKIP MEP Paul Nuttall has described claims by Jose Manuel Barroso that Britain would have ‘zero’ influence if it voted to leave the EU, as demonstrating the Commission’s bullying attitude.

“He is determined to have a dig at the UK before he stands down as the European Commission president as they regard us as just another member state to run rough-shod over.

“It is untrue that we could not negotiate with the US and China “on an equal footing” on our own and it would mean that we would be free to have our own trade deals with other countries, which we are unable to while members of the EU,” said Mr Nuttall, deputy party leader.

“However he is being frank when he talks of free movement of people within the EU being an essential principle that could not be changed. That is what UKIP has been pointing out for a long time and why the solution is for Britain to leave.

“David Cameron’s latest pledge about the EU and having ‘one last go’ at re-negotiating the rules are just sound bites. He knows quite well re-negotiation is not feasible,” said Mr Nuttall, Euro-MP for the North West.


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