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Bad Move for Bootle Post Office

Bad Move for Bootle Post Office

Dec 17

Dear Editor,

As someone who has campaigned vigorously against post office closures in my home town of Bootle, I am bitterly disappointed in the decision taken last week that will see the Crown Post Office on Hargreaves Street closed and relocated to the WHSmith in Burnley’s Charter Walk Centre in the Spring.

Whilst I am glad that a post office in some form will remain in the town I, like Councillor Julie Cooper, hold many reservations as to what it will mean to services, especially if customers will have to wait up to five times longer to be served than at the previous site.

I am also cautious as to how long WHSmith intends of keeping the post office within their premises. What if, further down the line, the retailer decides to pull out of the deal, forcing the post office to look for a new property?

We could end up with no postal services in the town centre whatsoever and that will be bad for residents and businesses that rely on it.

Yours faithfully


Paul Nuttall

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