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Alexander Living “High Up In The Clouds”

Alexander Living “High Up In The Clouds”

Sept 26 – to Lancaster papers



Dear Editor,

Treasury Secretary Danny Alexander is living high up in the clouds if he seriously believes that the controversial HS2 line between London and Birmingham is ‘absolutely essential to the long term future’ of Britain.

Cities such as Lancaster will see no benefit whatsoever and when services finally reach Manchester in 2032 we may even see existing services being cut, as has been suggested elsewhere on the network.

All the arguments in favour of HS2 have now been thoroughly debunked leaving this costly vanity project to be nothing more than a white elephant in the making. With £9 billion added to its budget this summer alone, coupled with the £80 billion estimate by the Institute of Economic Affairs, it is high time we cut our losses and invest into services that will benefit the often neglected Lancaster area.

Sadly, despite promises from senior frontbenchers that there will be no ‘blank cheque’ on HS2, you only have to look at HS1 or the recent upgrade of the West Coast Main Line to see that these projects almost inevitably run billions over budget, years overdue and fail to live up to their overhyped expectations.

Yours faithfully

Paul Nuttall

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